Saving Energy

JUMBOX Archive system power is only consumed when the drive writes or reads.  Compared with the RAID and LTO, our JUMBOX only requires a small amount of power consumption when processing.  Power and air-conditioning are not required for long-term storage progress.


Reliable Archive

Today is a digital data era and these data are the most important assets. How to keep these data in a safe place is the most important issue for most enterprises. Dacal Jumbox holds 200 Blu-Ray discs with Ritek M-disc capacity of 100GB. Each Jumbox can provide you over 20TB capacity to storage your data in safe place.


Scheduled Backup

No bother when back up system anymore.  The web-based application for immediate use.  Client side can arrange all the settings by simply few clicks.  All critical data can be backed up at time as selected.


What is M-Disc™?

What is worth saving forever? Thanks to M-DISC™, the permanent storage solution, you don’t have to decide. This new standard of storage engraves your information into a patented rock-like layer that has been proven to last 1,000 years >> Click me